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Canada Interventions treats each individual with dignity, compassion and respect. We have performed hundreds of interventions across Canada and the US, and follow a specific intervention model that has helped us reach a 98% success rate of assisting someone to accept treatment. We take great pride and work diligently in the background to create a safe and non confrontational environment for the individual and the family as they face a difficult time. We have spent many years in the field of addictions and mental health, and are trained certified professionals who know instinctively how to handle any situation.

From the first phone call to transporting the client to treatment, we are there to guide and support family members and loved ones through the entire intervention process. All of our staff have had their own journeys in recovery and can empathize with the addict or alcoholic. We can connect to your loved almost immediately once they find out we have been where they have been. During an Intervention, it helps the individual to know their Interventionist has experienced addiction but more importantly, recovery. It instantly brings hope to your loved one that he or she can get clean and sober too but it must begin by taking the first step. It is our belief that when a family is properly educated about the illness of addiction and they are able to set clear firm boundaries to protect themselves, an Intervention simply cannot fail.

An intervention is not an event but rather a process by which change is introduced into everyone's lives.
Even if your loved one chooses not to accept help that day, he or she walks away with:

  • Knowing how much their family individually loves and cares for them
  • Being held accountable for their behaviors and how they have affected their loved ones
  • Knowing that the rules have changed. Firm boundaries are now in place
  • Knowing that a solution to their problem has been offered

Our Professional Canadian Interventionists are fully trained by a Internationally Certified intervention Instructor and you have our assurance that all of our team have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the solution for which you have been desperately looking for.

Our qualified team of professionals perform interventions for all types of self destructing behaviors and addictions including:

  • Alcohol addiction Intervention
  • Drug addiction Intervention
  • Gambling addiction Intervention
  • Sex addiction Intervention
  • Computer/Internet addiction Intervention
  • Eating Disorder Intervention
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Please feel free to contact Joey Marcelli directly if you require any further information or assistance regarding
our Intervention Team or Intervention Services in Canada.

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