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Addiction Treatment Centres Canada

Choosing The Right Treatment Centre
We at Canada Interventions help the families choose the appropriate treatment facility for their loved one. There are many variables to consider when choosing a facility. Over the years, we have worked with all types of addictions and have a vast database of facilities to choose from. Substance abuse is causing too much pain, hurt, and down right suffering to the one who is using, and to his or her loved ones. Of course, the level of pain and suffering varies from day to day, and also depends on the extent of the problem. While the level of hurt and destruction to life will vary from individual to individual, the solution is still the same: The need to change their world; to get out of the cycle of addiction. If they have tried to stop drinking, tried to stop their drug abuse, and find that they cannot, treatment is for them. At a rehabilitation center, they will receive professional help, and will be taught the knowledge and skills they need to break free from the bonds of addiction. Of course, you want to choose which will be the best drug and alcohol rehab center for them.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Considerations

The type of facility of the drug and alcohol treatment center that will best suit them (that is, choosing an inpatient or outpatient alcohol and drug abuse treatment center).
The quality of the facilities at the rehabilitation center (especially if you decide on an inpatient rehab center)
The type of program that is provided at the alcohol and drug abuse treatment center (a non 12-step program versus a 12-step program).

Residential (In Patient)

A residential, in-patient treatment center provides full-time supervision in a tightly controlled environment. Living in a facility associated with a hospital, psychiatric center, or community outreach center, provides underlying support with meal plans and housing.Most alcohol and drug rehabs offer individual counseling, group counseling, behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, substance abuse education classes, lectures and workshops. The ultimate goal of almost all alcohol and drug rehabs is long-term continuous sobriety. Most residential drug and alcohol rehabs are 28 to 60 days in length, though some long-term programs are a year or more in duration. Statistics prove the longer the duration, the better chance for long term sobriety. This is due to a stronger foundation built to help deal with the real world and its pressures. Most private rehabs treat dual diagnosis conditions.

Private drug and alcohol facilites can range in price from $14,000 to $20,000 for a 42 - 60 day program. Remember, there is a difference between supportive recovery and actual treatment. Most private facilities have either Masters level clinicians or certified addictions counselors and a medical staff on site to treat a detox if necessary.


Individuals attend individual and group counselling sessions designed to equip them with new coping mechanisms so that when they encounter stress or trigger situations, they no longer turn to drugs or alcohol. This includes 12-step programs, such as AA / NA Anonymous, that have a strong spiritual basis. An outpatient alcohol/drug rehabilitation treatment is conducted during the day at a treatment center, or through a facility. Individuals would return home in the evening. It is usually for people with an alcohol/drug problem that has not become life-threatening and who have good support in their living environment. Outpatient programs generally last from 3 to 6 weeks.

Costs vary on this type of rehablilitation. Most major cities offer this type of service and can be found through a government funded program or through an addictions counselor.

Recommended Addiction Treatment Centers in Canada

InnerVisions InnerVisions Recovery Society
Since 1991, InnerVisions has offered a safe and caring drug and alcohol treatment program that encompasses the Twelve Step philosophy. InnerVisions Recovery Society is a safe and organized environment created and operated by people who have conquered their demons of alcohol and drug addictions. All employees and counselors draw from their own experiences in recovery and now lead clean and sober lives. Our alcohol and drug treatment program is highly structured and we are dedicated to the rigorous application of program standards because it works. Over twenty years of successfully changing the lives of addicts and their families is proof that you too can recover. At InnerVisions, or difference is that we care. InnerVisions is comprised of 2 men’s facilities; Prairie House which is situated in Port Coquitlam and Miller House which is has found its new home in Maple Ridge.

After ten years of working with men in detox, rehab, and recovery our dream of helping women struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse to get clean and sober came to fruition. In accordance with the well-established and proven structure already in place at InnerVisions, Hannah House opened its doors in 2002. Over the years Hannah House has grown from being the “little sister” of InnerVisions to a highly organized drug and alcohol treatment centre for women to come and receive top quality help in their recovery. And while we are extremely proud of how much Hannah House has grown, we are equally as proud that we have never lost sight of the miracle of recovery and the gift of getting a second chance at life.

InnerVisions Recovery Society 24-hour toll free phone line.
Men: 1-877-939-1420
Women: 1-866-466-4215


Orchard Recovery centre

The Orchard Recovery Center
The Orchard drug rehabilitation center is an affordable alternative to the larger US-based institutional treatment settings. Our Bowen Island location near Vancouver, British Columbia, off the west coast of Canada, enhances the level of privacy and security our client’s experience. The substance abuse treatment center is easily accessible by car and is approximately three hours from Seattle, Washington and 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver, BC. We welcome clients from across Canada, the United States and around the world, and will arrange a pick-up at the Vancouver International Airport.


Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Health Center
Sunshine Coast Health Center is one of Canada’s top alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation centres. Located in Powell River, British Columbia, we are one of the top men-only rehabilitation centre’s for residents of Vancouver and Victoria. Furthermore, we also service clients from cities in Alberta such as Edmonton or Calgary or Ontario cities such as Toronto.We also offer clients immediate help with alcohol or drug detox including crack cocaine and painkiller addiction treatment such as opiates (e.g. Oxycontin or Percocet). We also treat process addictions such as gambling, online porn, and sex addiction. Our program is evidence-based, and non-12 step. Your first step is to reach out for a free, private consultation about you or your loved one’s addiction problem. Whether it’s for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, our private residential program offers a complete addiction recovery.


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Freedom from Addiction
Freedom is one of Canada’s leading and most innovative alcohol and drug addiction recovery homes. Freedom Addiction is a leader in drug recovery offering a host of superb de-addiction programs and services for youth, adults, families and employers. Our patients come from all walks of life, gender, age and from all professionals. Freedom is a caring, best trained, and a recognized leader in addiction rehabilitation. Freedom is located in a serene homely setting in the beautiful and peaceful Aurora-King City area, just north of Toronto, Canada’s socio-economic hub. Freedom’s superb, natural, peaceful, warm, and beautiful 25-bed 6,000 square foot building and premises come complete with the best treatment amenities for our clients.


Cedars at Cobble Hills

Cedars at Cobble Hill
At Cedars we recognize that addiction disorders are treatable illnesses and that with specific care properly applied, abstinence and long-term success can be expected. Cedars at Cobble Hill located on Vancouver Island, is committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment for their individual situation. This is accomplished by thorough assessment and re-assessment of how the patient is responding to treatment. All of our programs are invitational, never confrontational. Cedars clinical and support staff will invite each patient to explore how to reach their full recovery, which will include improved self esteem, fulfilling relationships and accomplishing individual goals.Our gender-specific residences were created to foster private, safe interpersonal boundaries for individuals entering addiction treatment. Although it is important for co-ed integration during various stages of the treatment process, Cedars provides gender specific housing and women’s group activities that create a safe and harmonious environment for each patient. This atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group not only reduces external distractions, but also provides clients with a strong level of comfort.


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Options Okanagan
Welcome to Options Okanagan here you will find a private drug rehab center in BC, which is in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. At Options Okanagan recovery from alcohol and drug addictions means healthy living in your new present, while preparing each day for a wonderful future, alcohol and drug free. We are strong believers in treating the person first and enjoy watching the addiction symptoms disappear. You will find a wonderful combination of holistic and therapeutic programs plus the best of the 12 steps coming together for one purpose, to offer each client a personalized alcohol and drug treatment program with an amazing aftercare plan aimed at long term and healthy recovery.We believe in the power of group meetings where sharing our journey brings real freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. We also understand the wonder of one-on-one counseling where revelations happen and new plans and drug free strategies for the future are developed. Here at Options you will get an abundance of both we believe private alcohol and drug treatment plans must include an amazing aftercare plan its aftercare that determines your success.


20 Questions to ask a facility

- Is the facility 12 step based
- Is the facility accredited?
- Does the facility have a formal way to monitor quality of care?
- Does the facility specialize in rehabilitation care?
- How long has the facility been in operation?
- What is their success rate of a client staying sober for 1 year?
- Can we have a tour of the facility prior to admission?
- What are the qualifications of the clinical staff?
- Is there staff on site 24/7?
- Does the facility offer specialized therapies?
- How much therapy do patients receive?
- Does the facility also offer outpatient physician and therapy services?
- Is there an after care or continuing care plan developed?
- Are other specialists available if needed?
- What happens if the family needs instruction about how to care for the patient after discharge?
- Do you offer any type of family program?
- Is this a gender-specific substance abuse center?
- Will my loved one receive group treatment sessions or one-on-one sessions?
- What is the cost of the substance abuse center?
- Are clients allowed visitation and/or to make phone calls?

Please feel free to contact Joey Marcelli and Canada Intervention if you have any questions regarding addiction treatment facillities in Canada.

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