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At Canada Interventions our professional Interventionists are able to best evaluate the extent of an addiction, and determine the manner in which the intervention should proceed. By interviewing friends and family, the interventionist will learn about the addict, and also decide what treatment program is most appropriate. We are there to relieve the stress.
An Intervention is not a Confrontation. It is a well organized process and an expression of compassion and concern for a person who is suffering from a chronic illness.

Joey Marcelli Watch Joey Marcelli on Season 2 of Slices' hit TV show
Intervention Canada
. Episode 13 - Allisha

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Watch Joey Marcelli on Season 2 of Slices' hit TV show
Intervention Canada
. Episode 2 - Kent


Joey is an Internationally Certified Level II Masters Interventionist and instructor and is a member in good standings with the National Association of Drug & Alcohol Interventionists. He is also a certified addictions specialist and has worked with all levels of addiction and behavioral issues.

Working with families performing interventions has been a passion of Joeys for many years and he believes that recovery is a family process. Joey holds certifications in Conflict Resolution / Anger Management and Satir Systemic Family therapy. Joey is also a featured interventionist on Season 2 of Intervention Canada.

Please feel free to contact Joey Marcelli directly if you require any further information or assistance regarding
ourIntervention Services in Canada.

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