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Canada Interventions realize this is an extremely difficult time and it is our mission to minimize the costs of this process. We travel as inexpensively as possible and only require a basic room for lodging. Our base rate fee for our Canadian Intervention services can range from $3500.00 to $5000.00 plus our hotel and flights to and from your location. We do not charge for meals or entertainment or any hidden fees.

Our initial consultation call is free as is a meeting with one of our Interventionists if you are within our local area. After the initial call, our fee includes the conference call, a full day of education modules with the family including The disease Model of Addiction 101, Enabling, Co-Dependency, Rescuing, Caretaking, and finally the Treatment Process. We then focus on Boundaries, what they are and how important they are in everyone's recovery. We assist family members to create healthy limits of love. Canada Interventions staff will continue to support families after the Intervention has occured.

Transport Fees

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Once your loved one has accepted treatment, they must be transported. As your loved is filled with emotion, confused and disorientated, most families wish us to transport them to the facility. This is highly recommended as the individual may try to manipulate or change their mind. If you wish us to transport them we take on the responsibility of their care. This is usually when we begin to develop a bond with our clients by sharing our story of recovery which helps us connect. Remember, the Interventionist is not emotionally attached to your loved one making it easy for us to remain calm and present. Our sole purpose is to keep our clients safe and minimize their confusion. Addicts often experience what is called " Fight or Flight " mode. Our trained professional Interventionists have worked with hundreds of alcoholics and addicts and know how to handle this behavior.

There is an hourly rate for this service which varies according to location and time factors. We will consult with the family to minimize costs and get their loved one to treatment as quickly and safely as possible.

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